Collaborations with Italian Universities

MBS S.r.l. has collaborated with leading universities from the very beginning, even before its birth.

It was founded after two years of research on the effects of corrugation of the tubes in the heat exchange’s field in cooperation with various Italian Universities. This allowed the design of an internal calculation program. Based on the profiles used (depth and pitch), allows to select the most suitable heat exchanger for any kind of application.

Research and Innovation

Over the years MBS continued these collaborations, as it believes in the importance of research and innovation.
For the Hercules project in 2010, MBS entered into a research agreement with the University of Parma to define the scraped surface heat exchanger performance.
It was a very important collaboration as it allowed to define the correct exchange coefficients, correct power absorption and to carry out a study about the materials depending on the used products .
In this way MBS could develop its own calculation program to achieve the maximum efficiency of the exchangers produced.


In 2012/13 was made an experimental investigation on Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers performances on food fluids at the Industrial Engineering Department of the University of Parma becoming subject of a Master’s thesis in Mechanical Engineering using Hercules H10 to perform laboratory tests.